Waterworks installed in 1896

Mr Charles Keyser, owner and Lord of the Manor of Aldermaston from 1893 till 1929, devoted himself and much of his considerable wealth to the village. One of his major works was providing the first piped water supply- and also drainage- and when complete a ceremony took place on Aldermaston’s “Loosey” which was photographed. In this photo below, Charles Keyser is clearly identifiable wearing a straw hat to the left of the fountain- and the dog to his right is almost certainly one of the family’s favourite Pekinese. His wife Emma and their three daughters are surely the group, dressed in white, behind and to the right of the waterspout.

Mr Keyser subsequently erected over the fountain the memorial celebrating Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

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In the background is Well House, unchanged to this day. The Keyser family can be more clearly identified in the next photo, but the gentleman in the long pale overcoatt (a coachman's cloak?) and top hat on the extreme left of this photo is most likely their Coachman- he appears in the next photo below driving a carriage, in identical dress.
Waterworks 1896- coachman
One of Keyser's many works was installing the first water supply and this photo was taken at the opening ceremony in 1896. Charles Keyser is clearly identifiable to the left of the fountain, wearing a straw hat and to his right is a Pekinese- the family's favourite breed. Behind and to the right of the water are almost certainly his wife and three daughters.. The right-hand figure is most likely Dorothy Keyser, and second from the right is either Muriel or Sybil. A set of delightful miniatures of the three daughters has survived and these are presented below.

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