Aldermaston Manor House 1851- stained glass windows. Comments after the photographs

One of the many features lending the interior of the Manor House such vibrancy and atmosphere is the splendid array of stained glass windows. With the kind permission of the owners, Peter Oldridge photographed all but six of the historic windows on 24th August 2020 and these are displayed above. In the library and on the second floor are excellent examples of the art of heraldry, showing numerous families’ coats of arms in varying combinations with one another. In the corridor is a wonderful collection of eight Christian saints.

They are grouped above by location:

1- The second floor above the main entrance hall: 4 coats of arms;

2- The great staircase: 4 coats of arms;

3- The corridor to the east of the library: 8 double- windows of Christian saints and martyrs. They are grouped in two clusters as shown in the two photos above the individual saints’ windows.

4- The Library. In this vast room are displayed a total of 18 main windows illustrating through their coats of arms the alliances between families over the centuries. The Foresters (elsewhere spelled “Forsters”) predominate and the combinations provide a rich source of study for any student of heraldry.  6 windows are obscured by drapes so only 12 could be photographed at this time.

NB! The exact proportions are not guaranteed- in many cases the photo was taken pointing upwards at a higher image and then adjusted to estimated scales.

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  • Hi Peter,

    Thanks for getting in touch again. You very kindly gave us permission to use the pictures of Major Congreve and of Lady Pepperell-Congreve some time ago.
    is this the one you are referring to?

    Best regards Chris (Vice-Chair)

    By Chris Boott (17/06/2022)
  • I have a painting of Lady Pepperell/Congreve shows the stair landing from before the 1843 fire.
    It includes carved rail details not seen here and stained glass not seen here, specifically a stained glass of the combined coats of arms.

    I can supply photograph of details to researchers.

    By Peter Jr Hanley (16/06/2022)

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