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Aldermaston History Online is the  community heritage archive for the Aldermaston area.

Aldermaston is on the Hampshire/West Berkshire border in England. On this site you can explore, comment and contribute to fascinating collections of local history and heritage material including photos, documents, articles and personal stories.

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  • Aldermaston’s Great Flood of 2007


    Thank you for getting in touch and I apologise for such a tardy response!

    We are gathering, albeit slowly, lots of photographs and loading them onto the website as a record of Aldermaston’s rich history. We don’t have a schedule for this as it is done by volunteers. I would suggest that you pop back occasionally and use the good search capability on the website which will help you find pictures and stories. You could also join our mailing list where we try to let people know what has been loaded, Mailing List registration found under “Contact Us”.

    If you have any photos yourself that you think would add to the story of Aldermaston we’d love to have them on the website.

    Thanks again for getting in touch.


    By Chris Boott (31/03/2022)
  • Aldermaston Church: Charles Keyser’s family in a mural

    Per the final paragraph of Ursula Wadham’s article in Parish Magazine, all three of the daughters (Dorothy, Muriel and Sybil) are depicted in this, along with their mother, but she says that Charles Norman Keyser doesn’t appear. It feels unlikely that the latter is the infant (boy or girl) seated at the foot of the (young adult) ladies as he was between Dorothy and Muriel in age. As a guess, L-to-R: Maud, Dorothy, Muriel, with Sybil seated, but I am very far from certain.

    By Richard Moseley (20/03/2022)
  • Aldermaston’s Great Flood of 2007

    I’ve just come across your page whilst in a conversation with my children about where I went to school. I was happy to find these lovely pictures.
    I was wondering if you often add more pictures? As it would be lovely to see some of the old school building and of the flood in the 80’s ,I think 1988 it was.

    By Catherine Hunt (07/12/2021)