Gravel extraction around Aldermaston

For most kinds of construction, including buildings and roads, vast amounts of gravel are needed and this has always had to be dug out of the ground. This involves great disruption to the areas concerned and, naturally, nobody ever welcomes this activity in their own back yard- Aldermaston being no exception. At least three times since the Second World War (in 1974, 1991 and 2003) the village has successfully fended off attempts to mine gravel locally and details of the 1974 and 2003 campaigns are presented below. We hope to add details of the 1991 affair later.

In 1973, a concrete company sought permission to excavate a vast area to the north of Fishermans Lane, extending almost to the Wharf.
Posters were put up in prominent places, especially for the visit by the officials when they visited Aldermaston to review the case.
Another such poster. These images were taken up by the Press and also Television.
Local children also played their part.
Villagers celebrate their victory with three cheers outside The Hinds Head.
In 2003 another company sought permission for major works in a different location, as seen in the above map.
Clive Vare
Again, an intensive campaign to defeat this scheme was organised: above is the exhibition held in the Primary School to illustrate the immense damage this would cause to the local area.
Peter Oldridge
The displays went into great detail on the inevitable consequences.
Peter Oldridge
Damage to village buildings was displayed- the argument being that this was caused, or at least aggravated, by the heavy lorry traffic caused by the gravel transporters.
Peter Oldridge
Aerial photos taken from a villager's light aircraft illustrated the devastation of the countryside which had already resulted from gravel extraction.
Peter Oldridge
A demonstration march was organised; here marshals gather at the Primary School in readiness.
The march started at the school and proceeded past The Hinds Head.
Peter Oldridge
Liberally equipped with banners, the protesters proceeded up The Street
Peter Oldridge
Ironically, the marchers had to brave several large gravel lorries!
Peter Oldridge
Peter Arlott represented the fishermen and Bracken the dogs!
Peter Oldridge
Victory was celebrated in the Primary School grounds with the release of green balloons.

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